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    In-game Rules:

    - Don't cheat
    - Don't use custom textures (except non-bright weapon skins).
    - Don't use binds/scripts/external software that gives an advantage over other players.
    - Don't use map glitches (elevators, jumping out of map).
    - Don't play with someone else's nickname
    - Don't create a server with another's server name
    - Feel free to use any levelhacks (such as EAM and others)

    Nickname creation rules (upd. 17.05.16):
    - You nickname shouldn't contain special characters or digits only.
    - No bad language.
    - No nazi/terroristic/extremistic words.
    - No insulting other players.

    - Post your questions/problems/suggestions here (Sherkan SE5):

    Forum Rules:

    - Don't create the same threads. If you are troubleshooting then read FAQ or use search engine on this forum.
    - Don't be rude.
    - Don't advertise/spam.
    - Don't distribute other Sherkan-like projects.
    - Don't abuse your rights (for moderators).

    Rights of forum moderators:
    - Temporarily ban users for creating the same threads.
    - Temporarily ban users for rudeness.
    - Permanently ban users for advertising/spamming.

    Rights of in-game moderators:
    - Temporarily ban servers (for cheating scripts, reseting levels, etc.)
    - Temporarily ban users for offending project administration.
    - Temporarily ban server owners for interfering project administration.
    - Temporarily ban users for copying nicknames of project administration.
    - Permanently ban for cheating, using forbidden scripts or binds, texture hacks, other things that gives an advantage over players.
    - Overwatching in spectators.

    Ignorable threads:
    - Owner of ______ server bans players with no reason.
    (Every single server is a property of server owner. We will not close their server or ban server admins for their decisions. Every server has their own rules, so please follow them.)
    - User ______ offended me, please _____ him.
    (If it was on forum, we will punish him.)
    - Developers are idi..., this project is sh....
    (Good bye.)
    - I tried to cheat. I'm sorry, unban me please (20 minutes after ban).
    (Deary, this ban will be a nice lesson for you.)
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