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    If you want to transfer your custom V2/Sherkan SE5/Sherkan SE5 server then you should recongifure your server config from scratch!

    You need to forward these ports:
    Remember that if you host the game you need to forward ports in your router/firewall/modem interface settings! ( is a useful resource for router-specific instructions)

    If you want to check your server availability: (temporarily offline)
    Installation: (1st way: making a server build)

    1. Download and install the game.
    2. Delete "miles" and "players" folders in your game folder.
    3. Create an empty file "server.txt" in your game folder.
    4. Run "SEUS.exe" as Administrator and wait for update.
    5. Delete all files and folders in the "main" folder except "iw_00.iwd" and files with "_srv_" prefix.
    6. Download server files archive
    7. Extract this archive in your game folder.

    Installation: (2nd way: downloading a ready-to-use server build)
    1. Download a ready-to-use clean server build
    2. Extract it
    Setting up:

    • "server_start.bat":
    Example of a .bat file (do not modify the blue text):
    se5m.exe -console -dedicated +set party_maxplayers "18" +set sv_maxclients "18" +set net_port 28961 +exec server.cfg +map_rotate

    - Set maximum players amount (up to 18):
    +set party_maxplayers 18
    +set sv_maxclients 18

    - Set the forwarded port (TCP+UDP):
    +set net_port 28961
    • "server.cfg":
    Tip: Read comments inside of this file.
    • "weapons.cfg":
    Assign the value "1" to weapons/perks/equipment/etc. you want to disallow on your server.

    Now you can start the server using by running "server_start.bat", if you want to know more, read more useful information below!
    Mod support:

    1. Create a "mods" folder in your game directory
    2. For example, if you want to create an iSnipe server then create an empty folder called "iSnipe" in mods folder
    3. Place all .gsc scripts into "your_game_directory/data" (for example, you have to put "_rank.gsc" in: "your_game_directory/data/maps/mp/gametypes")
    4. Open the "main" folder and edit "server.cfg":

    You have to replace these lines
    5. Start your server.

    In result your server should looks like this:
    Advanced server administration:
    Sometimes rcon isn't enough to manage your server the way you want. You can't set announcements or add custom groups with special privileges or create a server announcements be default. You can make your server more functional with advanced server administration tools!

    • BigBrotherBot (B3). The most popular and advanced tool; highly customizable, plenty of great plugins, lots of documentation, easy to setup to use
    • Manu-Admin-Mod (GSManager). Pretty popular especially on Sherkan servers; pretty customizable; documentation is unofficial only; its necessary to use older versions (GSManager isn't supported)
    • Paronicon. Unpopular tool; untested; decent documentation, easy to setup to use

    P. Server folder size is far too big!
    S. You can delete some unused fastfiles. In result your server's size should be 3.02 GB


    + 'localization' folder which is located in 'zone'
    + all fastfiles which names starts with 'so_' except 'so_hidden_so_ghillies.ff' and 'so_juggernauts_favela.ff'
    + all fastfiles which names ends with '_load.ff'
    + you can delete any maps if you want
    P. Crash: "Out of Memory"
    S. Install auto-restarting .bat for your server. It will be fixed in the upcoming 5.1 update.
    "server_start.bat" is a server launcher (also you can create a shortcut as launcher)
    "server.cfg" is a main server config.

    Attention! Be aware of using custom "maps/mp/gametypes", "maps/mp/killstreaks", "maps/mp/perks", and "maps/mp/gametypes/_class.gsc"! Avoid of modifying these files otherwise your server may crash!
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    koffey Sherkan Player Команда форума Sherkan Player

    Useful information for your server:

    Sherkan SE5 maps (5.0.9):
    Original lW4 maps:
    lW4 DLC maps:
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