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    LaM 1.3 update is available! This time, I really did a good job working on it, literally everything is fixed. LaM is a completely free utility, so I may deserve some donations, mayn't I? I you want to help me and development of this utility, go to 'About' section and press the 'Donate' button, thanks!

    Included mods: Nova Six, Project Thor, Theater of Death, Fury Temple, Nacht der Untoten.


    Author: Taison20
    Thanks to:
    Kalte, koffey (for translation)

    - Installer: just download the file and let it install everything!
    - Shangri-La mod is replaced to 'Fury Temple'.
    - Added a new mod for Nacht der Untoten.
    - Code improvements: now it works faster.
    - Fixed a mod loading algorithm issue. Error report messages are added.
    - Visual styles are now changable without restart.
    - 'About' section is updated: added a 'Donate' button. Everyone who will support me by donating will be listed in the next update's credits, it helps me a lot.
    - Added support for the new Sherkan forum's engine.
    - Readme is rewritten considering new things.
    - Statusbar is more 'communicative': more statuses are added.
    - fixed freezing while installing mods
    - tool's code is more optimized
    - added status-bar with the current tool's action
    - new style of messages, messages are available while using dark theme now
    - added check for running as admin because "Project Thor" mod doesn't work without it
    - mods installing algorithm is updated: errors checks are added
    - fixed typos and some minor bugs
    - unpacker aka LaM installer is added
    - readme is edited due to added new features

    - Post your questions/problems/suggestions here in the comments below:
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    Привет. Не удалось распаковать архивы, дело в том, что хост с необходимым архивом помер (просто кто-то за него не заплатил) и программа не может его скачать. Вот тебе!aBlgEZbT!8jENTd3a-CF2zv27BlK4kA такой вариант, его нужно распаковать в папку с игрой.