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    Visit Sherkan's Discord server for more information! There is a #client-download channel where you can find the links you need to download and install Sherkan B2.
    After completing a registration, you'll have to set in-game password:
    1. Visit a profile preferences page and find the "In-game Password" field (or click here)
    2. Enter an in-game password (you may even enter any random symbols, you'll not use it for logging into the game)
    3. Press the 'Save Changes' button at the end of the page
    4. If you're registered, visit the main forum page; if you're not, then complete a registration.
    5. Complete the 1st step again
    6. You'll get an automatically generated password that you'll have to use to log into the game. Repeat these actions if you want to change your password.

    Also, we highly recommend to use Two-Step Verification (click here and follow the applied instructions)

    Don't forget to join us in Discord and follow us on Twitter and Facebook!
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